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Adventures in Jasper National Park

In need of a vacation and with my return to school in January pushed back by 3 weeks, from January 1-9, 2018 I set out on an adventure to Jasper, Alberta for a few days of adventures in beautiful Jasper National Park. I then returned home on board Via Rail’s The Canadian, which took me across 4 provinces over 3 nights and days. Enjoy the first of the photos and stories of my adventures, and stay tuned for more.


First real glimpses of the town on my first morning after breakfast at Smitty’s, with the sun still not quite above the mountains yet.


Jasper was, and still is, a railroad town.


The Two Brothers Totem Pole, found on Connaught Dr close to the train station. A beautiful sight, and I was pleased to see some presence of Indigenous art, but some research showed concern held by local Indigenous people towards it. I enjoyed reading the historical information signs around the townsite, and while there was some mention of Indigenous people and history in them, this is definitely an area where Parks Canada can and needs to improve.

IMG_8338 (1)

A bit of telescope iPhone photography from a wonderful experience at the Jasper Planetarium. A cool planetarium show followed by the chance to moon and stargaze using telescopes and binoculars, aided by well informed and very pleasant staff. 12/10 would recommend.


Medicine Lake. Or as my tour guide called it ‘the world’s largest bath tub!’.


Snowshoeing out on Maligne Lake. Thanks Paula at Walks and Talks Japser for a great adventure!


Sundog over Maligne Lake.


Mid-mountain at Marmot Basin. Never mind the skiing, I could have sat there and admired the views all day.


Finally got the confidence to venture to the top! Only fell once. And needed a break at the mid-mountain chalet (something we sure don’t have a need for in southern Ontario!).


After two days of snowshoeing and skiing I earned myself a latte, chocolatey treat and a few hours of reading in the cozy back section of The Other Paw Bakery Café.


Just a bunch of elk wandering through town and along the tracks!




Final stop in Jasper, the lovely historic train station, waiting for my adventure on board The Canadian to begin!

So there you have it, some first glimpses of my time in Jasper. A truly wonderful vacation that left me refreshed and energized to return home, I would absolutely recommend a visit. Stay tuned for some more detailed accounts of my time in the town and the park, as well as my time on board The Canadian all the way home to Toronto!

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