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The Friday File: September 28th

It’s been a while (err, about 4 months) since I’ve published this but I’ve decided to get back to doing this regularly. A weekly post sharing some of what I’ve been reading and watching throughout the week. Enjoy!

Local cannabis retail shops – Burlington Ward 1 candidates weigh-in on provincial opt-out option (John Bkila, Burlington Post)

Really appreciative of the Burlington Post’s coverage of the municipal election, especially the compilations of candidate responses to key issues. Not going to lie, I’m rethinking my vote for mayor.

Rowan’s Law Day will remind everyone of the dangers of concussions (Charles Tator, The Globe and Mail)

The Globe and I don’t always see eye to eye, but for this article we do. Concussions suck, and we do a a terrible job around education, prevention and diagnosis (especially for youth). We need to do this better. Yesterday!

Guide to removing referrer spam and fake traffic in Google Analytics (Optimize Smart)

I did NOT have time for this in the office on Thursday. Alas, I had no choice. 

Progressive Web Apps – The Next Step in Web App Development (GeekyAnts, Hackernoon)

Who knew these were even a thing? Well, I do now.

Scrabble gets 300 new words in US dictionary revamp (BBC)

This Scrabble champ has even more words at her disposal now.